New – Duster 3000 Downdraft

The Duster 3000 Downdraft is a mobile prep station engineered to remove harmful airborne
contaminants found in dust when sanding old paint, rusted metal and fillers.


• Cleaner air for worker environment
• Reduces ‘redo’s’ caused by cross contamination
• Efficient use of production floor space (mobile)

How it works:

• Positive airflow discharge from the top of machine creates a negative pressure “capture” zone at base of unit.
• Dirty air is drawn through the three intake openings at floor level.
• The air is then drawn through four stages of filters and cleaned down to 3 microns.
• 95% of the clean air is discharged through the black diffuser located on the elbow of the plenum creating the mushroom airflow affect.

• The remaining 5% is discharged from the underside and along entire length of plenum.
• Mushroom airflow pattern created will effectively clean up to 5000 sq ft floor area.

• Air is continuously re-circulated at over 3000 cfm as long as filters are properly maintained.

View Brochure: Duster 3000

View Video: Duster 3000

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