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Did you ASK for deals on Equipment ? Available Brands…+ more… Wedge Clamp -Eclipse Measuring System and Prospot Riveting System. Reach out to your local Color Compass Representative for pricing. View Highlight Sheet: Prospot & Wedge Clamp

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From welders, to diagnostic equipment, to spray equipment, to parts, to lighting…From sanding and abrasives, to repair consumables, to paint, to tape…Amazing deals…!For full listing of products…please reach out to local Color Compass Representative.*On select inventoried products only. View Highlight Sheet: Ask For A Deal!

Adjusting Onyx-HD™ for Various Application Conditions

R-M main priorities are the long term profitability of our customers, at the same time protecting the environment. That’s why our research and development team, which is renowned for innovation, continues to develop products that are easy to use and significantly reduce process times while ensuring perfect results. Onyx HD is a waterbased paint range […]

Glasurit 100 Line Extreme Products for Summer Conditions

As summer conditions approach, it is time to keep in mind appropriate additivespeed selections. You will acquire systematic insights into the application and recommendations for extreme temperature and humidity conditions. Working temperatures from 82°F (28°C) through to 104°F (40ºC) and humidity range of 10-15% or higher. This will include using 100-M 40 Mixing Clear Extreme […]

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